sakajati on October 6th, 2009

Download Notes: Hard reset after flashing (remove sdcard and unplug the usb cable), do it when you see the welcome screen where it says “Tap the screen to setup …”. When you see the welcome screen again please wait for about 30 secs before you tap the screen to setup device. Windows Phone (Mobile) 6.5 […]

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sakajati on September 9th, 2009

Download This one is based on official HTC Mega rom (Many thanks to & Da_G!) Bugfixes/Known Issues: Sound Profiles selection button not change immediately. Install this cab to fix it, make sure you disable manila2d/TouchFLO prior installing it. Notes: I have added 3 more scripts in Programs\Utils folder: Ezinput: Use this to enable/disable Ezinput. […]

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sakajati on September 4th, 2009

Download History: 22 September 2009: Bugfixes Major update/changes. 4 September 2009: Initial release. Features CE OS 5.2.21051 Build 21051.1.6.4 Radio AdobePDF 2_5_1_0_378273_00 AdvancedNetwork 1_0_10_4 Album 2_5_18221129_1 App_Service 1_66_0_0 Audio_Manager 2_2_19171227_LR0 AudioBooster 1_2_18192131_0 AutoRun 4_31_6_2 BluetoothSetting 2_11_0_0 Boot_Launcher 1_0_19152530_2 BTBPP 1_7_1_R1 BTFtp 1_2_33309_91 BTSAP 3_2_0_R5 ButtonSetting 3_17_0_0 CAMERA 5_04_29195_00 CheckAutoRun 2_18_0_0 ClearStorage 1_40_0_5 CMPhone 1_2_0_0 […]

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